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Sensodyne Toothpaste Deep Clean Gel, 50 ml

Dental Care Spinneys # 329305

Sensodyne Toothpaste Deep Clean Gel, 50 ml

Dental Care Spinneys # 329305
50 ML
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• WHAT IS SENSODYNE DEEP CLEAN: It is a daily fluoride gel toothpaste, clinically proven to provide relief and ongoing effective protection against sensitivity*. It also provides whitening action and advanced cleaning designed for sensitive teeth.
• HOW DOES IT WORK: The toothpaste works deep inside the tooth to relieve sensitivity pain. Its formulation delivers effective stain removal for naturally whiter teeth, while the mint flavor leaves a long-lasting cooling sensation.
• WHO IS IT FOR: Sensodyne Deep Clean toothpaste is suitable for adults and children over the age of 12 for tooth sensitivity relief, all the benefits of a regular fluoride toothpaste and a deep clean. • PROVIDED BENEFITS: Provides sensitivity relief, cavity protection, deep clean, foam boost technology and whitening benefits.
• WHEN DOES IT START TO WORK: Sensodyne Deep Clean toothpaste provides sensitivity relief in as little as two weeks, with twice daily brushing, which improves with continued use.
• NO. 1 DENTIST RECOMMENDED BRAND FOR SENSITIVE TEETH: Dentists have been recommending Sensodyne for more than 10 years.
• HOW TO USE: Brush with Sensodyne Deep Clean toothpaste twice a day for sensitivity relief and lasting freshness. Always read the label before use.

*With twice daily brushing